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Giving Art a Home is a unique program designed to support and cultivate the local art scene through art education and philanthropic art placement. 
​Giving Art a Home seeks to enrich lives in the community by connecting the work of local artists with individuals who might not otherwise be exposed to or have the funds for original art. 
Many people in our community feel intimidated by the art world and never dream they could own a piece of original art. Likewise, many artists have limited opportunities to show and place their work. Giving Art a Home unites these two communities, educating and honoring individuals or families who have overcome a challenge to home ownership and housing stability with the gift of art...a piece of their choosing...from a gallery featuring a selected exhibition of local artists. Giving Art a Home is a multi-layered program. There is a strong educational and experiential component for both the artists and the recipients. It is meant to honor all involved. The recipients have choice. The artists get paid. Those who have had a helping hand toward home ownership and housing stability, can now extend their life changing opportunity to an artist, by "giving art a home."

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